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Jonny Hates Marketing So You Should Listen To Him

Show You're Alive By Going Live

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Don't call it marketing. Call it helping people that look like your ideal client.
  • Get clear on who you help and the one big thing you do for those people.
  • Build an evergreen program for them so you don't have to work too hard and deliver to more people.
  • Now start conversations.
  • How to do 680,000£ with no funnel, no website, no paid traffic
  • Client Attraction Blueprint for 4,000£
  • You have to do something to grow your business
  • Find what works best and do more of that

Eat This To Sell More

People like us do things like this." ~ Seth Godin
  • Use the native scheduling took in the Facebook platform to post a few posts per day
  • Get on camera
  • We're talking about building a personal brand
  • Share yourself
  • Hang out and make that your office
  • He started giving a lot for free but when you give generously people still want to pay for what's left
  • His paid group is his Inner Circle
  • Gives people trials for a week or so to try out the group
  • He avoids third-party inspirational quotes
  • If you're a "meme-bunny," post an inspirational quote and then say why they're wrong
  • Write your own stuff. Find inspiration by detaching and asking "Who is this for?"
  • You can't appeal to everyone
  • Speak to a person. Literally 1-on-1.
  • "People like us do things like this."
  • "What keeps you awake at night?" Push
  • "What are you driven towards?" Pull
  • Example:
    • "Are you sick of your wardrobe stinking like an ashtray?" Push
    • "Would you like to kiss someone without worrying about how you smell?" Pull
  • You must master the rules of the game to break them
  • Reward engagement in your private, free group
  • Send them a private message
  • Detach from the outcome
  • Stick to the process
  • It's your game and your rules
  • Chunk it down
    • 12 weeks
    • 12 modules
    • Accountability buddy
    • Homework
    • Make 4 sales per month to launch
    • Seed it with "scholarships"
    • 67£/mo
    • It's your game and your rules
  • Don't focus on the excuses

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