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The Three Key Questions To Close Any Sale With John Martinez

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Problem, Impact, Picture Perfect

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Sales his whole life since 20
  • Climbed the corporate ladder
  •  Built his own sales training business
  • It was a generic sales training
  • Started out "grinding" doing local events by cold-calling
  • He burned the ships
  • Did private one-hour calls with clients
  • Works with house-flipper type investors
  • Got into real estate investing by accident
  • He had a real estate investing client in Houston

Eat This To Sell More

  • Got a lot of traction quickly in this niche
  • He transitioned to online but it was still one-on-one
  • Didn't lose a single client in transitioning to the group training
  • Charged $2,000/mo for 90 days
  • Many churned out after the training
  • Offered to do group training and pitched the benefit of it including just $5,000 for life!
  • Their clients got better by staying engaged longer
  • Led to more referrals and testimonials
  • This led to the live bootcamps
    • Fast-paced
    • Energetic
  • 12 core courses
    • Jump in at any time
    • Recorded
    • Start over after the 12 courses are done
  • Use everything at your fingertips to reach prospects
  • "The process is the value ad."
  • If you're sick you want the specialist vs. the general practitioner
  • Your questions set you apart
  • Problem, Impact, Picture Perfect
  • Final calls are just 15 minutes
  • 90% close when they send the purchase email

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