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Glenn Twiddle Shows You How To Be Listened To and Obeyed

Specialists Don't Beg 

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Runs big events with mega-stars such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas ("how bad do you want it?") to help real estate agents do better marketing to grow their businesses
  • He's a former real estate agent who was taught just one way of growing: make annoying outbound cold calls
  • Now he shows agents how to be listened to and even obeyed
  • They are now desired, trustworthy, and respected
  • Creates celebrity specialists out of his real estate agent clients
  • He had 12 people attend his first "event" in 2008
    • It was really just begging people he knew to come to a group session
    • He was new to outbound marketing and one attendee paid him maybe $200/mo to speak with him weekly
    • Booked a cheap room (don't over-spend) that could've fit maybe 40 people
    • Taught his story of hating cold call prospecting
    • He was a sales manager and was getting cold called by a copier salesman who was calling every couple of months despite knowing it would be five years before he needed another on...
    • But he realized he was teaching his agents to do the same thing
    • Specialists don't beg
    • Then he shared what he was learning and testing
  • Next he had 50 people attend and he kept re-investing his profits
  • Then he started producing 7-figure real estate agents
  • He still makes little on the conferences but he parlays the visibility into bigger growth in other opportunities
  • He sees himself as being paid by his clients to learn from his own mentors
  • How did Tai Lopez become a household name?


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