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Ethan Beute Rehumanize Dehumanized Populations

Put Your Face Out There and Become Known

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Email Marketing Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Video helps you be you more often
  • You're a relationship builder
  • Put your face out there
  • Founded in 2006. Came to market in 2011. Bootstrapped.
  • 50,000 customers today
  • Wrote the first and only book on video email marketing
  • Do more with less
  • Improve deliverability
  • Gmail, LinkedIn, mobile, Salesforce, some versions of Outlook
  • Two co-founders are sales and marketing guys
  • They sold billboards for Lamar in Colorado and he wanted to create more personal and human and validating messages

Eat This To Sell More

People feel like they know me before they meet me because of video."
  • Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Record and send in one pass
  • 1-to-1 video is the most intimate and effective way to connect
  • Video is richer communication
  • Become more satisfied with your work
  • We fear rejection so we are hesitant to bring on new technology and be judged and thrown out of the tribe
  • But put yourself out there in an honest, effective way
  • We're all hyper-connected but feel less-connected emotionally
  • Cleaned, polished, professional
  • 3-second animated preview
  • Smart-streaming
  • 2-week trial, no credit card required
  • Extensive training and live support
  • Just jump
  • Simple, unscripted, just hit send, don't re-record
  • Start by sending to friends, family, great customers
  • Do what doesn't scale
  • Real estate niche

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