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DropFunnels Supercharges WordPress & Beats ClickFunnels


  • He was working a lot in WordPress and it was complex
  • Too many weakest links
  • In late 2019 he wanted to create a no-code WordPress infrastructure
  • Create a funnel-builder inside WordPress and throw away the duct tape
  • Still integrates with CRMs and payment integrators
  • It's a journey of elimination
  • Load quickly, launch quickly, work from day one
  • Be cute and clever or you can be clear
  • Can you build your entire business on just three tools?
    • Gmail
    • DropFunnels
    • Zoom
  • He solves his own problems!
Which CRM Is Right For You?
It's a journey of elimination."
  • Funnels, Courses, Pipelines, Lead Quizzes
  • Get paid: PayPal increases conversions between 2-10%
  • Get paid in crypto
  • SMS chat with leads
  • Templates
    • Import ClickFunnels pages
    • Authority funnel—a one-pager with one call to action (Tony Robbins has "Get Tickets")
  • Create Product
  • 10-50% will take an order bump
  • Add an upsell easily
  • SMS included
  • Reporting
  • Split test one thing at a time
    • Headline
    • Graphics
    • CTA
  • Do SMS from a real phone number
  • Own your own domain to control your domain reputation
  • Page speed is critical
  • Rankability
  • Traffic, Marketing/Conversion, Follow-Up
  • DropFunnels is the Marketing/Conversion
  • He likes conversational closing
  • He uses ActiveCampaign
  • People want relationships
  • Integrates with Twillio for SMS

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