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Define Your Niche and Be Everywhere With Craig Petronella

Your Niche Can Make You Richer By 20x

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • How to 20x your fees
  • How to set proper goals and expectations for each step of your sales process
  • Why you need a vertical to dominate to grow your sales
  • How to find the under-served segments to dominate faster and easier and more profitably
  • How to leverage the news to create content people want
  • How to reduce your bounce rate from 60% to less than 1%
  • How to create inbound sales predictably
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to make more sales
  • How often you should blog to create inbound marketing
  • How to use Google and Apple to distribute unique content far and wide to expand your reach, influence, and inbound marketing
  • How to get more done faster and more affordably
  • Where to target your marketing efforts when you stop going after individuals
  • Why and how to repurpose your content to expand your reach

Reach & Close CEOs Over The Phone

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