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CloudShare Helps You Nail Your Sales Deck on The CRM Sushi Podcast

  • Deliver your sales deck and remote sales demos like a pro
  • Virtual IT Lab Provider
  • Replicate a computer system
  • Demonstrate your solution
  • Remove the need for the physical device
  • Sales demos
  • Training
    • Customers
    • Staff
  • Buyers are...
    • Critical
    • Smart
    • Busy
    • Distracted 
Which CRM Is Right For You?
  • Let buyers get hands-on and test what's relevant to them
  • Replicate at scale
  • Do multiple demos with ease
  • Manage large sales teams effectively
  • Internal and client training
  • Set policies for timing (start/stop)
  • Password protect
  • Maximum students
  • Isolate the sandbox from a production environment
  • Do Sales Enablement for real!
  • Train channel partners

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