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Simplify and Magnify To Grow Your Sales, Brian Margolis

Do You Want To Do a Lot or Earn a Lot? 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Is your goal to do a lot? Then this podcast is not for you.
  • If you want to earn a lot in sales, this is for you.
  • All of these offers and processes can and do work, but you can do too much and wear yourself down.
  • Get a lot more by focusing on a lot less
  • You can grind your way to a pretty good living with
    • Skills and talents
    • Work ethic
  • To go "next level" requires planning and thought
  • It's "focus management"
  • You need strategy
  • His results are simple but getting to simplicity is not easy
  • "My guys know what the right things to do are, but they don't do them consistently." 
  • "No, your sales guys don't know what to do."
  • "What do you need to do to go to the next level?"
    • You hear mumbling.
    • What does it mean to "get in front of more of the right people"?
  • Brian reverse-engineers the goals (the mumblings are not things to do)
  • You need measurable tasks

Eat This To Sell More

  • When you don't know what your salespeople are doing week-to-week, you're in trouble
  • You need more metrics than meeting counts and results
  • Sales reps need pillars to manage
  • There is no shortage of great sales training out there
  • You can learn any skill
  • But how do you choose the right skill to learn?
  • What's the ROI of learning a new skill?
  • He has been an entrepreneur for two decades and when he sold a business in 2013 he started helping others
  • He doesn't produce a lot of inbound business
  • Most of his business comes from
    • Cold emailing campaigns (direct response copywriting) that leads to a phone call and a sale
    • He goes bottom up on purpose
    • He gets a sales rep results so management asks what he/she is doing and he is brought in
    • He goes all-in on helping his one-on-one clients succeed
  • His own pillar is working on his own product a few hours each week
  • You need clarity or you will become overwhelmed
  • He helps his clients strip away the busyness and keep things simple
  • If you had to spend two hours per week for a year working on just one skill per orders from your sales manager, what would you work on?
  • Slow down and ask better questions
  • Find successful salespeople who are stuck
  • 90% of the time they have no strategy. They just go-go-go.
  • What's the opportunity cost of you saying yes to things that "probably won't hurt my business"?

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