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Brad Lea, LightSpeed VT: What It Takes To Be a Salesperson Today

Professional salespeople know how to handle "I'm just looking"

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Was running a car dealership
  • Was good at it
  • Became an expert at sales negotiation
  • Real deal lease presentation
  • He started training people to teach that presentation
  • But they didn't produce the results he wanted
  • People need repetition
  • One day workshops just expose people to the information
  • Online learning will grow 300% over the next five years
  • It's more scalable
  • Make sure the drills and exercises are part of the membership
  • Create better, more engaging training
  • Training doesn't work because people don't apply what they learn
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  • Why do you sing your ABCs flawlessly?
  • Develop your skills continuously
  • You get out what you put in
  • Ask yourself a couple of questions and find out what you really want
    • The more hands you shake the more money you make
    • It's a numbers game
    • Once you double your effort you'll get more business
    • To so do, prepare yourself. Get better at your skills and when you double your effort you'll more than double your sales.
    • Your job as a professional salesperson is to listen
    • Most people don't follow up or do it correctly
    • You can always get better
    • Sharpen the ax
    • Hold yourself accountable
  • You must increase the value of your products so they are greater than the value of your money
  • Buyers are liars
  • We need to find the true objection
  • "I'm just looking" is a defense mechanism
    • End it with "...for whatever you've got."
    • "Oh, you're just looking? Your brother 'been' was just here yesterday. Your sister 'still' will be in tomorrow."
  • People don't make decisions because they don't have enough information
  • Know your competition
  • Sell yourself
  • Know what makes you valuable to your clients
  • Never forget a customer and never let a customer forget you
  • "They're cheaper? Well they don't have me."

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