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"20,000 Reasons Why You Should NOT Hire An Infusionsoft Certified Consultant." Really?

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | Jun 23, 2016 11:32:18 AM

There's a Hypster Born Every Minute, Save Me Lord!

Yesterday I ran across a servant of the risen savior, Jesus, the Christ. CAN I GET AN AMEN??

And he's serving the Lord and His flock by dispelling the evil lies and shining the light on the horrific world of the Infusionsoft Certified Partner Program! SAY IT BROTHER! SHINE THE LIGHT!

Apparently the Infusionsoft Certified Program either turns good people into lying miscreants who aren't worthy to eat his scraps off the floor or it only attracts the assistants of Lucifer himself. Either way, he has yet to "witness a single positive story to date" in regards to anyone working with an InfusionSoft (sic) Certified Constants (sic). OOOOHHHH, SAVE ME BROTHER! SAVE ME FROM THEIR WICKEDNESS!

While he starts off berating a true scumbag of a FORMER Infusionsoft Certified Partner, he then proceeds to paint with a broad brush and lump every single partner and the entire Infusionsoft Partner program into the same category as this one really bad apple. OOHHH, HE SAID APPLE AND WE KNOW THE DEVIL MAKES YOU EAT AN APPLE! (But that doesn't include my iPhone, right?)


Then he goes on to say that "for years I kept receiving email SPAM offers from Infusionsoft inviting me to join their $2,500 InfusionSoft Certified Consulting program."

First of all, I guarantee you there is an UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of EVERY email Infusionsoft sends. (By the way, the "s" is not capitalized in Infusionsoft. Details matter. Is it those little nagging details that scare this servant of the risen savior from taking the Infusionsoft certification test?)

He calls us "certified con artist(s)" and our certification is little more than a "'membership' than actual qualification." SHINE THE LIGHT, BROTHER! SCATTER THOSE DARN COCK-A-ROACHES TO DA FOUR CORNERS! SMITE THEM WIT DA TRUTH!

Now there is a hint of truth in what he is saying about not only the Infusionsoft certificaiton, but any certification for that matter. Since 1996 I've held licenses / certifications such as:

  • Series 6, 7, 63, 65 in the financial services field
  • Life, P&C insurance licenses
  • Real estate (in Texas)
  • Salesforce for Dell training
  • Infusionsoft, Ontraport, HubSpot CRMs / Marketing Automation / Inbound Selling
  • And probably a few others

And I can tell you that the moment I passed the test for any and all of those fields I knew enough to be dangerous, and that's about it.

It's one thing to have book knowledge and pass a test. It's something else to have experience. But you gotta start somewhere, right? And having been a part of the Infusionsoft partner program since 2008 and being in the first class of the revised partner program in 2011, I can tell you the Infusionsoft partner program has some teeth and anyone that passes it has a solid grasp of how to work the platform.

So he's right in that a certification doesn't make you an expert any more than his lack of an Infusionsoft certification does. Experience is what counts but having a governing body that verifies you have a minimum level of expertise along with a public marketplace where partners are rated is comforting to the consumer, is it not? OOOOHHH SNAP! I SENSE A FORKED-TONGUED DEVIL IN OUR MIDST…AT LEAST I THINKETH!

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So while this lover of our Savior who is also "a ministry leader and member of several worldwide groups, notably the National Association of Christian Ministers," according to his chat support rep, despises the Infusionsoft Certified Partner program, he loves helping users of Infusionsoft and we should trust his expertise and experience because...he's a minister...and mentions Jesus a lot...and claims he can turn water into wine...ah, um, I mean he can "can easily turn a $27 Private Label purchase into $20K profit, literally overnight!"

Who am I to challenge a minister and lover of our Savior who can also help the famous Dr. Morrison (I'll Google him later but I'm sure it's the work of the Devil who has blinded me to the wonder and joy of knowing this great Dr. Morrison who is great because the great non-Infusionsoft Certified consultant who can turn private labels into wine—or something like that—said so.

Besides, he has yet to "witness a single positive story to date" about any Infusionsoft Certified Partner so obviously he is right and the list of hundreds of positive reviews about the hundreds of Infusionsoft Partners on their marketplace should be ignored because...well...the minister of Infusionsoft has so stated. 

And the testimonials I have for my work should be ignored as well for the same reason. OOOOHHHH YES! THE MINISTER OF INFUSIONSOFT IS THE ONLY GOOD INFUSIONSOFT CONSULTANT ON THE PLANET, DOTH SAY THE MINISTER!


Then this minister / lover of our Savior calls you a "slacker" if you are interested in the Infusionsoft Certified Partner program because clearly you are interested in "delivering only excuses," yet he provides a screenshot disproving his own statement of the amount of the certification. 

He also calls our clients "Complete Imbeciles who will Trust you Based on your InfusionSoft Certification."

And he concludes with claming to be "humble" and that he considers himself "no 'better man'" than the former Infusionsoft Certified Partner against whom he railed and berated for many paragraphs, but he wants you to setup a call to discuss your sales and marketing goals.

Oh yeah, he also has his "VERSE OF THE DAY," so you should feel really comfortable giving him your money because, you know, he quotes the Bible and is a minister.


Maybe it was four years at the Air Force Academy and five years active duty around the world that beat into my head that details matter.

Infusionsoft—or any inbound selling / marketing automation platform—is a powerful and intricate platform with a lot of moving pieces and parts and, as we know, with great power comes great responsibility.

Part of that responsibility as an Infusionsoft Consultant is knowing the little details such as Tagging structure, when to leverage Internal Forms vs Note Templates, how to work an Opportunity with the Opportunity Pipeline, when to use the Shopping Cart vs custom Order Forms, and more.

When I see someone misspell "InfusionSoft" and mistate the Infusionsoft Certified Partner fee despite providing their own screenshot to the contrary and incorrectly state that there has never been anything positive said about any Infusionsoft Partner and call Infusionsoft Certified Consultants "InfusionSoft Certified Constants," I run away from that person as quickly as I can and encourage everyone else to do the same

Since 2008 I've been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and while we have had both lows and highs, I can honestly say they have been the engine behind my entrepreneurial success.

In 2014 I added both Ontraport and HubSpot certifications to my resume, which allows me to make the best recommendation to my clients based on their needs vs what I'm only certified in.

So if you're either in need of Infusionsoft help to get more out of your platform or you'd like to discuss which platform will meet your needs, contact me via the link below and let's talk. 

Now go sell something, 

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

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