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The Sales Whisperer Way Front CompressedGet Inside The Mind of The Sales Whisperer®...If You Dare

Feed your entrepreneurial spirit with these stories on sales, marketing and life.

In this collection of stories and lessons, I provide poignant, relevant, and "crazy" examples to engage your brain, your creativity, and your passion to excel to help you sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress and more fun.

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infusionsoft_book_wes_schaeffer_infusionsoft_consultant_of_the_year_seal.pngThe Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft

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This Infusionsoft Guide has been written by a “sales guy” for entrepreneurs who need to grow their sales with Infusionsoft. (Don't worry, there are plenty of programming and coding tips if that's your thing.) You will also receive a PDF version of the book with free updates for a year with your order.

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Infusionsoft Cheat Sheet by Infusionsoft Partner Wes SchaefferThe Infusionsoft Cheat Sheet (FREE!)

Unleash the sales and marketing automation power of Infusionsoft today!

Understand how to plan ahead by having the end in mind, set up your Infusionsoft account, complete your Marketing Automation Plan, learn how to build better campaigns, send your email broadcasts easily, create web forms, leverage the little-known features of Note Templates and Internal Forms, and many more resources!

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Whisper Flash CardsOvercome Any Objection With the Sales Training Flash Cards

Set better appointments, overcome objections, & take control of every sales situation with this convenient set of flash cards. You will get them in a spiral-bound, 50+-page booklet filled with real-world dialogue and responses with room for your own edits and notes to help you master the Sales Profession and Make Every Sale. 

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Sales Training and Entrepreneurship CDs  by Wes SchaefferThe 7 Deadly Sins of Selling & Make Every Sale Audio Series

CD 1: Making Good Money in Bad Times—Learn How To Grow Your Business While Everyone Else Is "Hunkering Down" and throwing pity parties for themselves!

CD 2: The Seven Deadly Sins of Selling—Professional selling is both art and science. Learn the science behind the art in this recorded-before-a-live-audience CD.

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