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Eat and Train Like Wes Because Things Will Always Be Harder, Take Longer, & Require More of You Than You Think. Good.

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It's crazy to have a fitness page on a sales/marketing/consulting site, isn't it?

Or is it?

Zig Ziglar used to say "Be. Do. Have."

But I think it's

"Do. Become. Have."

To have what professionals in your industry or hobby have you must become a professional. In order to become a professional you must do what professionals do.

I'm a professional salesperson, marketer, copywriter, speaker, author, podcast host, trainer, and CRM dude.

When people ask me "the secret of my success" I say I have a few secrets, which include:

  1. I married well.
  2. I'm eternally curious, which leads me toWes Schaeffer finishes the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim for the Navy SEAL Foundation
  3. Always be learning
  4. I've always kept my faith, and
  5. I've always stayed in good shape.

So, since I'm sharing my "secrets" here on this site, why not share all of them?

Which reminds me. I have another secret to my success...

Be a product of the product

If you sell Fords, drive a Ford.

If you sell Pampered Chef, own the entire collection.

Matthew and Wes Schaeffer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu promotion

When I got started selling Infusionsoft it was because I had already purchased it for myself and had great success with it.

When I switched to HubSpot in 2014 I went all in and moved everything over, including my Wordpress website to HubSpot.

That has lead to my success with them.

Likewise, now that I'm "over the hill" having turned 50 in April of 2020 (Yes, during the great quarantine!) I train hard and I really watch what I eat, so I want to share with you these new "secrets" both to make a little money (I'm an affiliate of the products I recommend) but more importantly to help you.

And there's another lesson for you as well...

Don't sell something just because you can make a buck off of it.

Sell things you can stand behind.

Sell things you use. (Within reason of course. When I sold mobile homes I didn't live in one, but the company was legit.)

The things I share here are the things I've tested and know to work and includes everything from...

  • Krill oil for my joints
  • Protein bars and powders for healthy snacks/meal replacements
  • Natural sleep aids
  • Get-after-it boosters to fire you up
  • Recovery drinks
  • Apparel
  • Gear such as kettlebells, bags, ropes, and more

Since I was a small child I've been in sports. In fact, because of sports I got a great education at the United States Air Force Academy. (That's me with Val Kilmer below from 1989.) Now that I have my own business and am able to train up to six days per week with my son in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I can tell you I'm so happy that I've maintained my health and I'm so happy you've found this page.

Click around and order with confidence from the sites I recommend and please feel free to hit me up directly if I can help.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.


Wes USAFA Football Val Kilmer