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 Yes, I really do have 7 children from the same wife and, yes, I really did take us all to Hawaii for vacation, and I'll show you how to do the same in the 30-Day Sales Growth Program.


 Yes, I really did give a TedX talk and I'll show you how to do the same in the 30-Day Sales Growth Program.


Erin Chase, Founder $5 Dinners

Erin Chase provides a testimonial for Keynote speaker Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.


Laura Wrasman, Owner, Wedding Guide Chicago

“Wes has become an integral part of our sales training. We met in 2009 and we have been working together ever since. His approach is very straight forward and has really helped my sales team and me gain more appointments, more commitments toward closing and of course more sales. I love when one of my sales people come in and say ‘I used one of Wes' tools today and it really worked!’ Thanks for all the help Wes, looking forward to next month!”

Jeff_Kirkland.jpg Jeff Kirkland, T-Mobile Major Account Executive

“Wes Schaeffer’s unique yet traditional approach at helping you reach your potential as The Sales Whisperer is very gratifying. With his warm, funny, southern down-home spirit, he really helps YOU ignite YOURSELF! He keeps in line with some traditional sales/mentor/leadership philosophy yet brings the unique twist of truly personalizing your plan for success!” Thanks.

Greg & Julie Alexander, Co-Founders of The Alexander House, San Antonio, TX

Testimonial on the effectiveness of The W.E.S. Method for speaker coaching and marketing training.


Tina Finn, Author, Consultant

“I would like to thank you for a giving our staff some rock solid training and truly "new" techniques in selling. I've sat in front of some of the best, from Tony Robbins to Tom Hopkins and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Boy was I mistaken. It was like you turned on a switch and through your entire presentation I was engaged. You made everyone laugh, you told pertinent jokes and you really brought it all together to align with our business specifically. It was definitely more than your typical hype and motivation. It really was a full session of new and dynamic techniques that our staff has put into place and as a result we have already seen an increase in sales.

Philippe and Natasha Brouillard, Co-Founders Natasha Nutrition VI, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Philippe and Natasha Brouillard of Montreal provide a testimonial for the sales and marketing automation training provided by Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, which helped them save time, money, and effort, which will help them grow their sales.

Adam Pflaumer, President, Electronic Payment Consulting

I wanted to thank you for the instruction and more importantly for the results that you have helped me obtain. I have to admit that I 


was fairly skeptical prior to enrolling in your class. I had spent over 10 years as a sales manager and worked my way up to become the

president of a sales organization, so I didn’t think I needed your class. Wow, was I wrong. After stepping out with my own company, with what I considered to be a no-brainer value proposition, I was struggling to provide services that literally cost nothing to use and can only result in a desirable outcome. I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in your class. I am glad I did. Since then I have completely changed the way I approach sales. I went from performing free services, just to get a reference, to having the luxury of selecting only the committed customers that I would be willing to work with. I have been through other sales development classes but I can safely say yours is the best. You provide specific actionable advice for my specific business and it has worked. The least I can do is thank you. Please do me a favor and email this to your clients and prospective clients. I would really like you to consider me as a reference for your sales class. If anyone doubts that your class won’t improve their performance, have them call me.

RJ Palano, Founder & CEO, Buy Cash Flow Properties, Atlanta, GA

RJ Palano is a successful real estate investor but is hands off when it comes to technology. Wes Schaeffer was able to break things down into an easy-to-understand concept so he could publish his book to the world to help grow his foundation, which is his passion.


Sally Rubin, Founder, Park Rubin Media, San Francisco, CA

“You are practical, patient, no-nonsense, and have an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter. As a direct result of working with you, I began to *see* what pieces of my marketing strategy needed to be put into place; and most importantly, in what order! I'd been trying to follow the advise of a lot of online marketers, but I was driving myself crazy implementing things that for which I simply wasn't prepared to follow through. We recommend you to anyone who...is serious about building a solid foundation for their business.

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Wes's 365-DAY MONEY-BACK Guarantee:


What you've done to get where you are won't get you where you want to go.

To get where you want to go will take more than one pep talk, two webinars, and three memes.

Growing into a sales Jedi will take months of small, consistent improvements.

In other words, it takes WORK!

So here's where my RISK-FREE offer comes in to help you make an easy decision...

If you remain an ACTIVE member of the 30-Day Sales Growth Program for one full year and don't grow and improve in any area of your business—prospecting, networking, cold calling, overcoming objections, reaching decision makers, befriending gatekeepers, setting firm appointments, negotiation, closing, gathering referrals and testimonials—that give you a positive ROI on your investment in the group...

I'll refund every single penny to you.

You're getting access to my entire life's work in sales with your investment into this program.

It will take you some time to navigate the pre-recorded videos, the library of weekly live calls, the supplemental handouts in the private group, get comfortable with the interaction within the group, and start applying what you're learning.

Which is why I'm giving you a full 365 days with full, unlimited access to the material, the group, the recorded calls, templates, and handouts.

You won't find another program like this, with this much direct access to the founder with a money-back guarantee that lasts an entire year.

It's because few people walk their talk. Most are afraid to put their money where their mouths are.

The other "dirty little secret" is this:

If you're the type of person who will jump into a course with the intentions of stealing the material and free-loading for even a day, you'll file a chargeback and cause me all sorts of pain and grief online even if I had no guarantee and you grew your sales 1,000%.

So this guarantee helps win over the stealers and the moochers while helping you honest, hard-working sales people invest with confidence and relax.

When you relax, you learn better.

When you learn better, you perform better.

When you perform better, you make more sales.

When you make more sales, you win, I win, and everyone in the group that is learning with you and from you wins.

So relax.

Invest with confidence and let's grow together.

 Dr Yvonne Maywether, MD, Culver City, CA

Dr Maywether appreciates the way Wes Schaeffer picks up not only the "big gotchas" that anyone can see but also the subtle nuances, the little things that everyone overlooks but picks up anyway. Grow your persuasion and communication skills with professional sales training, speaker training, marketing, and consulting from The Sales Whisperer®.

The 30-Day Sales Growth Program Is The Way 
Humans Need To Sell To Humans!

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The 30 Day Sales Growth Program accepts credit cards.

Naomi Rogers Twyford, Director, Be Phenomenal, Perth, Australia

Naomi Rogers Twyford has kind words for speaker coach, business consultant, marketing adviser, and entrepreneur Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

Here are more reasons why the 30-Day Sales Growth Program is for you:

  1. You get to tailor the scripts to your own style. While there are scripts I’ve included to help you see, hear, and feel what it’s like to use a script and still come across as natural and not robotic, I encourage you—after you’ve used them for a while—to come up with new ways to open and connect with your ideal customers while using the provided ideas as your control group to measure against.
  2. You won’t have to memorize cheesy lines. The secret to professional sales is having the confidence to stand in front of your ideal customers and ask them tough questions with the goal of making them pause and reply with “Huh, that’s a great question. I haven’t thought of that. I’m not sure how to answer that question.” When you ask a question they cannot answer, the customer assumes you have the answer and will pay you for the answer.
  3. You get to have fun when you prospect. Look, I’m not some weirdo who loves cold calling, but I have served around the world in the Air Force and seen how the rest of the world lives and I can tell you that not only is prospecting not the worst job in the world, it’s your #1 job. However, with the tools and the scripts and the ideas and the approaches I give you in this program, not only will you fear no sales call, you’ll actually look forward to them because you’ll know the results you’ll achieve…a sale!
  4. You’ll have prospects actually invite you to come see them. This might have been the most powerful change I made in my business in 2006 when I was still selling technology to mid-sized companies and even the large enterprises. When I stopped acting desperate and telling prospects “I’ll be in your area next week” and started having real conversations with them that I controlled and proved I was different by acting differently, I was actually invited to pay a visit by the very top decision makers that had eluded me previously. Learning how to do that changed my life forever.
  5. You can stop doing demonstrations and sending endless information that never gets read. Closely related to the previous point, when you’re invited to meet with decision makers they don’t care about brochures and presentations or blinky blue lights on your new gizmo. They have big problems, and all they care about is if you can help them and they’ll decide if you can help them by how you engage and interact with them. Professional sales people take time to clearly understand the complete problem, all of the ramifications of the problem, and how much it is costing the customer before they even begin to make a recommendation, i.e. a prescription to their diagnosis. The more thorough the examination the more trust your customer will have in your recommendation.
  6. You’ll have support. I can’t tell you how many big ticket programs, courses, and mentorships I’ve purchased in the past only to find myself alone with a login and/or a shrink wrapped set of material and a credit card bill. Fortunately I’m stubborn and pig-headed and have seven kids, a wife, and a 110 pound dog to feed so I waded through these various tool kits and somehow lived to tell about it. That is not the case here. I was put on this planet to help professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, their sales, and their incomes. You will have my cellphone (for EXTREME emergencies only), my email, and access to a private online community where we are all just a mouse click and a question away from being able to help you that day—often that hour—to ensure you have the support you need to grow on your journey to master the art and the science of making every sale.
  7. You'll have easy, proven, modern steps to follow that are fast to implement and can be easily followed.
  8. You'll be able to sell in a way that fits your personality, industry, and sales cycles, whether you are young or experienced, male or female, in outside sales or inside sales.
  9. You'll be able to learn the way the best fits your learning style. Included in the Make Every Sale Program you'll have access to workbooks, spreadsheets, templates, audio files, videos, a private group for real time discussions, and live, interactive multi-media sessions each week, which are all recorded and archived. So you can print what you need, read, watch, and listen live and/or on-demand, from your desk and on the go to both match your schedule and to be there when you need it to make the big sale.

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The 30 Day Sales Growth accepts credit cards 

Frequently Asked & Should Ask Questions

I'm (new to sales / an experienced sales person)...is this for me?

The 30-Day Sales Growth Program is meant for anyone in any sales role, be it inside or outside sales; complex sales or “simple” one-call sales; short sales cycles or long sales cycles; selling intangibles like insurance or software or if you’re selling tangible products like computers, furniture, or swimming pools.

Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your true SALES POTENTIAL, but you’ll learn how to prospect, connect, and sell in a manner that will keep you energized and enthusiastic while you do it.

It’s a program that you can actually use immediately and stick with and continue using the rest of your sales career because you’ll be selling naturally and connecting easily with people that want and need what you have to offer.

Can't I learn this in a "boot camp" or "jump start" weekend?

What have you ever mastered and internalized in a weekend (other than maybe how to funnel a beer or play beer pong!)?

Since January 27, 2017 I've paid $159/mo (plus $40 to $100/mo in chiropractic care + $50 to $100/mo in supplements) to master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Wes one stripe blue belt compressed

After doing this 4-6 days per week since then, I realize I've only just begun.

You won't pay nearly that much AND you won't be physically beaten to the point it hurts to roll over in bed!

You either enjoy the journey with your instructor and your fellow students as you grow or you look for a shortcut.

You don't hit the gym January 1st for 12 hours and you're in shape for the rest of the year.

Likewise, you don't master sales, marketing, prospecting, networking, appointment-setting, proposals, negotiation, copy writing, inbound selling, marketing automation, CRMs, and more in a "boot camp."

This isn’t a simple booklet or audio series or cheat sheet for selling, it’s an immersive multi-media guide to prospecting and selling optimally for the rest of your professional life.

Isn’t cold calling dead?

Yes and no.

Yes, the old school pure cold calling whereby your grandfather would literally knock on doors to sell vacuums or Fuller Brushes or encyclopedias has been dead since the internet come of age in the late ’90’s.

But in business-to-business sales, the sound of the human voice is just as persuasive and effective as it has ever been, maybe more so now that there is so much noise intruding on our daily lives.

But you have to A) do it right, and B) research your ideal prospects quickly so you are making an “informed cold call” or a “reasonable introduction call” that makes sense.

That will never go away.

What if I enroll in the 30-Day Sales Growth Program and can’t stick with it?

Ahhh...it's a live, interactive community with weekly live calls, a private group where you can ask anything you want at any time, and support from your peers and fellow professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs looking to grow!

If you have a problem with completing things I'd encourage you to cancel any other subscriptions or emails you're receiving until you get an ROI out of this program, which shouldn't be hard considering how inexpensive it is.

If you are committed to becoming all you can be in the profession of sales, you’ll be able to stick with this course.

Will your training work in my super-special industry or niche?

Are you a human selling to humans? This this course can help you.

I’ve used these approaches, scripts, closes, opens, planning tools, and documents going back to 1997 to sell everything from financial services to high net-worth clients to small business owners to Google, Sprint, Dell, and many other large companies.

I’ve sold in person in Washington, California, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Hawaii, and a few more I’ll look up later. I’ve sold over the phone to customers around the world with software and consulting clients in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the U.K., South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and a few more I’ll also look up later.

My point is that I don’t have a niche. I help humans sell to humans. I’ve helped architects and chiropractors and attorneys and authors and stay-at-home moms and Fortune 50 sales people grow their sales with the processes and techniques I’ve outlined and gone deeply into here in this course.

What if my company won’t pay for this?

In 2005 I pre-paid for a 12-week virtual sales training course conducted by a sales coach that came highly recommended but I had never met. The course didn’t even start for 3-4 months but they limited the class size because it was an interactive course and since I wanted to get better I signed up early and paid it on my own because my company didn’t have funds for training like that.

It was a $600 course, which in 2020 dollars would be $790.19.

  • There was no video.
  • There were no audio files to download and listen to offline.
  • There were no books, flash cards, CDs, spreadsheets, or boilerplate contracts to use as you see fit.
  • There was no private Facebook group for continued, daily, real time support.
  • There was no money back guarantee.
  • It was only 12 weeks long instead of a full year.
  • The instructor didn't offer you his cell phone for emergencies.

It was just good sales training by a good guy and I paid for it on my own.

And it changed my life.

And I owe no one—and no company—for it.

I had the confidence in myself to invest in myself.

Success is your responsibility, right?

Join The Sales Revolution and
Restore Humanity & Integrity To The Profession of Sales!

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If you have any questions, feel free to email Wes at support {at} thesaleswhisperer.com. Disclaimer: What the law requires me to say next is common sense, but common sense is not that common. The results I've highlighted on this page are not normal and may not even be achievable by you. Then again, maybe you’ll have even better results. Every sales person that enrolls in this program will not get results like the stories I’ve shared above have. You have to put forth effort and take responsibility for your own discipline and focus while enrolled in this program. But you don't have to be a robot and give up your life and adhere to this like a new religion with your prospecting and sales efforts to see a benefit. If you want results like Adam, Tina, Sally, Laura, or Jeff, you can easily get them if you simply follow the plan I've laid out for you. I strongly encourage you to join us in this revolution!

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