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Funded Today Added $75,000/mo

  • Funded Today is the largest crowd-funding fundraiser in the world.
  • Monthly due diligence retainers went from $200,000 to $275,000 per month
  • Growth happened in under 90 days

Daycare Grew $250,000

  • Added $250,000 to their bottom line
  • Filled 22 empty seats (out of 96)
  • Created a paid waiting list
  • Dominated organic search engine results
  • All in just 87 days.

74% Opt-In For Marriage Coach Couple

  • 74% opt-in rate at first talk (133 out of 180 in attendance)
  • Ministry and coaching is growing with the plan we created together

54% Opt-In for Conference Organizer

  • 54% opt-in rate at opening session (26 out of 48 in attendance)
  • Rave reviews, engagement, and returning attendees

27% Increase In Quarterly Sales

  • Busiest March since opening tire & service business 20 years ago
  • Quarterly sales up 27% vs same quarter last year

Ketih and Karl Greene, Old Town Tire

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