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It's Your Fault Your Sales Are Down

 What are your demons when it comes to marketing your business? When's the last time—if ever—you stepped away from your social media platforms to get the professional sales training you need to sell enough to meet and exceed your quota?

Take Control Of Your Future

During the decade I was in Corporate America I spent more of my own money on

  • sales training,
  • marketing,
  • negotiation classes, even
  • technology such as my own Blackberry, 

than any three of my co-workers combined.

They would all grouse and say their sales were down because 

  • their quotas were too high,
  • the sales manager was too dumb,
  • marketing sucked, 
  • the economy sucked,
  • our prices were too high,
  • our features were weak, 
  • our laptops were old,
  • etc.

Look, there are people in your field, in your industry, in your territory KILLING IT right now, blowing out their numbers, making money hand over fist, dancing to the bank, singing that this is the best market for their business that they've seen in a decade or more.

So what's your REAL excuse?

More importantly, how long are you going to hang on to it and shackle to your life of mediocrity?

When will you get angry enough to stand up on your desk and stare that big elephant in your cubicle in the eye?

You know the one that is crippling you from setting appointments with decision makers and taking your business to the next level?

How long will you be satisfied with tracking leads on Excel and legal pads?

How long will you be satisfied with "brochure" websites and boring white papers that are never read and have no call to action?

How long will you be satisfied with not knowing how to generate qualified leads that are ready to buy.

How long will you be satisfied with guessing which pages of your website are converting and how to write a compelling sales letter?

How long will you be satisfied with not understanding and leveraging the power of Social Media with the lame excuse that you don't have time or you're too old or "only kids hang out there!"?

Sales people don't get fired without cause, and that cause is usually poor performance over an extended period of time.

Do you love your business and your sales career enough to take the hard right steps needed to turn things around and enjoy crazy success? Or will you remain satisfied drinking "bowling alley beer," believing MSNBC that there are actually "green shoots" in the economy and that "the economy is about to explode" if we just give our politicians more time to pass more laws?

If you're ready to take your game to the next level enroll in one or more of the programs listed below and get started NOW in changing your life.

Remember, Life is good. It's "gooder" when you're closing deals!

Now go sell something.