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Why You Need To Major In The Minors

In today's day and age of vision boards, manifesting, and breathing through your eyelids I think it's time we get back to basics.

It's why I wrote:

With everyone flaunting their participation trophies and yelling at the government for life being unfair, it seems we've forgotten the value of

  • "A stitch in time saves nine," and
  • "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

We've also overlooked or written off

  • "Give a mouse a cookie and he's gonna need some milk," and
  • "Where there's smoke there's fire."

Look, I'm all for moving the big boulders and having big goals that are bigger than you, but that doesn't mean you just hand over the reins and hit the links while your team makes the fur fly.

Nobody will care about your business like you will.

In any business—online and brick & mortar—there are a 1,001 things that can and will go wrong, which is why you must...

Inspect What You Expect

In the Air Force I learned that you can delegate authority but you cannot delegate responsibility.

This is your business. Do you know where the bottlenecks are?

Free Sales Calculator

How's your SEO?
How's your PPC?
How's the load time on your site?
How does your site look on mobile? 
How does your staff sound when they answer the phone?
What's the bounce rate on your site?
What's your process for responding to new leads?
What's your accounts receivable looking like? How's it trending?

Some consider things like this "minor details."

Fortunately for them...they won't be in business long enough to worry about them with that attitude.

To succeed today you must recognize that everything matters.

Sure, some matter more than others, but everything warrants your attention, at least for a short time and then periodically to ensure things are working as they should.

But how do you know where to start? How do you know where to focus? How do you accelerate your learning and understanding?

That's when you bring in a pro to shorten your learning curve...but learn you must.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.

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