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Who's Pushing You To Do Something New?

(Kids Provide The Best Sales Coaching)

"Ella Bella" is 4 (back in 2011). 

Yesterday Ella rode a bike without training wheels.

Ella smiled.

Decker—the dog—barked.

Olivia—the neighbor—cheered.

Shannon—the mom—pondered

All six of our kids can now swim and ride a bike. They're growing up." (Now we have seven kids with one college graduate and two in college so they are REALLY growing up!)

Become One of The 5

Your Only Two Choices In Business

In life we all grow older but we don't all grow up. 

You probably know more than a handful of 30, 40, even 50 year olds whose best days were playing high school football or being on the cheerleading team. They literally stopped growing somewhere between age 18 to 25...and it's sad.

In business, though, you have two choices:

  1. Grow
  2. Die
Come on, Wes. Don't be so dramatic. It's not really that black and white. Are you feeling alright?" 

Yes I am feeling alright, thank you for asking. And I'm right.

To succeed in business you only have to choose between two options: grow as a person, as a salesperson, as a marketer, as an entrepreneur, as a mentor, as a supervisor, as a growth-oriented-optimist or kill your business.

Years ago you made money with email and even fax broadcasts.

Then it was Google display and inbound marketing.

Then it was social media and text messaging.

Now it's paid traffic on social media.

Tomorrow we'll be back to direct mail—which never died—and cold calling—which also never died.

Pick Wes's Brain

Are You Growing Up In Your Business?

Are you committed to growing your...

  • Business?
  • Relationships?
  • Health?
  • Fitness?
  • Finances?
  • Faith?

To ride her bike all alone Ella first had to see her friend and fellow-4-year old ride her bike with no training wheels. (Someone to set the example for you.)

Then it took her mom and me to take the training wheels off and support her while she mastered the new skill. (Someone to guid you along the way.)

And it helped that she had a fan base of friends and family to encourage her along the way. (Someone to cheer you on.)

Where do you get your motivation, your inspiration, your support, even your butt-kicking?

If you have six (now seven) kids you live in a sales coaching lab because kids are born sales-pros. They need no sales coaching but I learn something from them every day!

So to reach your sales goals you can "invest" in more kids or you can keep going it alone or your can invest in professional, private professional development and it's reassuringly expensive, which means you'll focus, listen and apply what you learn during our time together.

And you'll grow.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.