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Where Does An Keap CRM Implementation Fit?

Who can benefit from a Keap CRM implementation?

Any business that would rather work hard building a business than work hard playing catchup.

There is a gap in the small business success tool market today between "weak and flimsy" and "too strong and expensive." What I mean by that is there is too much fine print or preying on the fears of prospects in the small business growth marketplace today.

Constant Contact will tell you

We have super easy, elegant email newsletters."

But they don't tell you what a pain it will be to get those contacts into another system if they want to have a conversation or actually buy something.

1Shoppingcart will tell you

We have a super easy shopping cart so you can take orders online."

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But they don't tell you they charge a percentage of each sale, bill you 13 times a year, or what a pain it will be to get those contacts into another system if they want to have a conversation or how to segment your lists so you can follow-up with multi-media in multi-step sequences.

Salesforce will tell you...

We invented the SaaS CRM."

But they don't tell you what a pain it will be to do ANYTHING else like recruit and manage affiliates, sell anything online, do any mass email, or get support.

HubSpot will tell you...

We're great at helping you create content to drive inbound traffic to your site and then nurture them with marketing automation."

…And they are.

HubSpot is the leader in the inbound marketing space, which is why I switched both my WordPress website and Keap marketing automation and CRM to them back in 2014

However, HubSpot is more expensive up front and requires a one-year contract, whereas Infusionsoft allows you to go month-to-month.

Both platforms have a learning curve, which is why both Infusionsoft and HubSpot require an upfront investment that provides you with private, one-on-one, customized onboarding and training.

There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. 17 million have a website. 6 million are web marketers.

  • All do email.
  • All should have an E-commerce ability.
  • All need new business and need to follow up with new leads, new customers, old leads, and old customers.
  • All could benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.
  • All could benefit from more testimonials.
  • All should be communicating with their world in multi-step, multi-media offerings.
  • All could benefit from automating more of their work lives.
  • All need straight talk on how to get from Point A to Point B as quickly, efficiently, and affordably as possible.

An Infusionsoft implementation with the help of an Infusionsoft Consultant like me can help those that have:

  • Been in business for a few years, or
  • A list of more than 1,000 leads, or
  • Is spending money on internet marketing and is somewhat successful, or
  • Is frustrated with multiple system chaos, or
  • Processes that can be automated, or
  • Content to attract and nurture leads, or
  • Is ready to invest time and money to succeed while its competitors whine about how hard the economy is.

If you are the "right" client based on the above criteria, you will succeed with Keap.

Follow the link to get started with me and receive more than a few nice little bonuses to help you get all the way to Point Z faster, easier, with more fun and less stress, guaranteed.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.