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When Was The Last Time You Faced The Sun?

In June 1876, Custer made his last stand.

Wooden Leg, a Cheyenne, was there and provides a detailed look into not only that battle but also the ways of the Cheyenne people and how boys became men, and men became warriors in the book Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer.

One story that stands out is the practice they followed to "subdue the flesh."

The Cheyenne knew they could not "serve two masters," i.e. the good of the tribe and their own gratification.

So they would practice self-discipline in the form of "standing upright all day, from sunrise to sunset, on a hill. The devotee did not move during that time except to keep his face turned at all times toward the sun. He might keep his eyes closed or shaded, but his countenance had to be presented ever toward the venerated token of the Great Medicine's existence. He prayed or otherwise kept his thoughts fixed on a high plane."

The Cheyenne had honor, they cared for their tribe, they believed the good of the tribe was more important than their own good, and they believed in a higher power beyond themselves.

And they practiced self-discipline, which is why they were such fierce warriors, successful hunters, and great providers for their families and the tribe.

When one of their men failed to live up to the high standards of their tribe they were ridiculed and even beaten. Death was preferred over dishonor.

Maybe we should nominate a Cheyenne for President of the United States...but I digress.

When was the last time to stepped away from it all for a day to clear your mind?

When was the last time you were held accountable for not living up to your own standards, your own abilities, your true self? 

When was the last time you faced the sun?

Good Selling,