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What's Acceptable Soon Becomes Inevitable

What's Acceptable Soon Become Inevitable

We live in dangerous, trying, demanding, chaotic, anxious times full of strife, anger, hostility...and love, and generosity, and hope, and opportunity!?

August 9, 2012 marked the 5 year anniversary since the housing / banking / financial crisis began choking the life out of the world.

U.S. unemployment is somewhere between 8.3% and 25%, depending on which side of the aisle you sit.

Obama and Romney have virtually promised to make this presidential campaign so nasty it would make Caligula blush.

HP is cutting 27,000 jobs.

Microsoft announced its first ever quarterly loss.

And the Dow has risen maybe 100 points per year, on average, for the last 12 years.

Gloom and death and destruction are everywhere, right? RIGHT?

Then why is Keith Greene having one of his best years ever at Old Town Tire and Service?

Jill Morris, co-owner of Hampden Twp.’s Central Pennsylvania Academy of Gymnastics is killing it...

I’d say we’re probably 80 percent full for all our classes, which puts us a month ahead of where we usually are. And we’re looking at being 110 or 120 percent of capacity when registrations end, so we’ve gone ahead and added classes and hired three new staff members.” (Blog.pennlive.com)

Tom and Kassandra just began a new, hope-filled, optimistic lifelong journey full of love and encouragement, smiles and kisses on Friday. (Not an ounce of doom and gloom to be seen.)

And dozens of entrepreneurs purchased private coaching, team coaching, blocks of coaching and even annual coaching programs this weekend—some investing nearly $13,495to surround themselves with fellow dreamers, planners and doers for the rest of their lives, to ensure their tomorrow is brighter, fuller, livelier and more profitable than today.

Optimism Personified:

A "retired" school teacher (she was forced to retire by the kind, loving, tolerant Orange County school district she selflessly served for 27 years) plunked down $13,495 for her daughter to get the best entrepreneurial coaching on the planet because she believed in her.

A single mom committed to a $149/mo coaching program to learn how to market her writings skills and services. She knew if she walked out of that 3-day conference without believing enough in herself that she would make that money back in spades, she wouldn't do anything once the Monday morning alarm clock clanged.

A newly-wed, aspiring vegan chef—who works crazy full time+ hours in another line of work (to hide from making time for her passion)—not only made money by selling her own creations for the first time ever, she sold her muffins and recipes for an amount higher than she expected.

This happened Friday and Saturday after I helped her Thursday night break through a HUGE issue she had about money, which was ingrained in her soul from watching her father struggle with money.

Sidebar: Discussing money is just as "dirty" as talking about sex, politics and religion. (And people wonder why most businesses fail!?) Money is just a convenient representation of the value you give to society. Anyone that tells you "money is the root of all evil" is either a lying manipulator or ignorant bastard or both. 1 Timothy 6:10 says

"The LOVE of money is the root of all evil."

If you teach the former, incorrect quote, from now on, there is a special place in Hell for you. Consider yourself warned. (End of Sidebar.)

What's Acceptable Soon Becomes Inevitable

Everyone in that workshop this weekend realized that the habits, the excuses, the fears, the worries, the ignorance of business principles, the poor work habits, the poor investing habits, the poor sales and marketing skills had created their undesirable lifestyle.

What are you tolerating in your life today?

  • Low pay, maybe even a recent pay cut.
  • Sleazy competitors.
  • Downward price competition.
  • Sloppy vendors.
  • Lazy employees.
  • Rude bosses.
  • Slow paying clients.
  • Unresponsive contractors.
  • Belittling family friends.
  • Down-in-the-mouth friends.

If you accept any or all of the above they will soon become inevitable in your life.

As soon as you become proactive and intentional in your personal life, business life, prayer life, etc. good things will start to happen.

Have Wes review your sales and marketing processes to unlock your full potential.

If you missed the 3-day event you still have options to receive private, professional sales training to make this the best year of your business career.

Professional sales training and mentoring can cure your sales and marketing evils.

Cure your sales and marketing evils and you'll make more money.

Make more money and you'll cure your business woes.

Cure your business woes and you'll have a better outlook on life.

Have a better, more optimistic outlook on life and you'll begin curing your sales evils.

That's why I offer the Initial Process Assessment. It's part

  • Sales consulting.
  • Marketing consulting.
  • "Get-over-whatever-the-hell-is-holding-you-back-in-business-and-life" consulting.

It's not cheap. It's not expensive. It's like Goldilocks. It's just right.

Feelings don't follow actions. Taking action creates the positive feelings and optimism you need to achieve your goals.

The U.S.A. women's gymnastics team took action. I assure you there were many mornings they didn't want to wake up and train. But they did it. They did it together. They did it with great coaching. They did it by following rigorous routines outlined by more experienced coaches that knew what they were doing.

That's what I'll lay out for you in the Initial Process Assessment.

You can stop accepting at any time. Why not now?

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as:

Or just contact me and we'll set a time to speak.

Good Selling,