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What to do when you're bone tired

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | December 27

One out of a billion people you see online or on TV or on stage or just whoopin' it up like they're somebody really have their act together. (That means there are maybe 7 of them in the world.)

In other words, things are rarely what they appear to be and people are seldom as put together and "all that" as they want you to believe.

 The last couple of months (12/27/13) I've not written much.

I've been tired. Bone tired. Wearing-a-comforter-in-the-rain-hiking-up-a-muddy-mountain-dragging-a-red-wagon-full-of-bowling-balls-and-crying-babies-with-only-three-wheels tired.

Flu-tired but without the fever or aches.

Bored-tired that makes you unable to stay awake past 8:25 PM but you do anyway so people don't think you're a freak or depressed or sick with some rare disease.

Worried-tired that makes you lie awake for hours before finally falling asleep and flip and flop like a carp being held by a reporter.

Anxious-tired that makes you wake up early—like 4:08 AM early—for 10 days in a row and 25 out of 30.

Mind-racing tired that despite being so tired from not sleeping well or much but you still can't take a nap because you just don't feel like it's a luxury you can afford.

You know that tired that makes you not want to work but nothing looks good or interesting on TV either and you're too tired to actually go outside and get some fresh air?

That was me for months. Not anymore.

What did I go?

One, I kept going.

Two, I finally chose to not be tired anymore.

You see, this exhaustion came from a combination of anxiety, worry, fear, self-doubt, lack-of-focus, not knowing my numbers, pushing too hard, and not appreciating what I have.

As I look back on the last 12 months they are the most lucrative ever in my business. I use the word lucrative instead of successful because I don't consider those 12 months to be a success because I wore myself down.

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

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