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What Amy Porterfield Taught Me About Facebook Marketing

Last week I had the great fortune to hang out with Amy Porterfield at the 2nd Annual Infusionsoft Partnercon and learn some great tips from her on Facebook Marketing. (I also got to hang out with Pat Flynn and follow him on stage right after he gave away an iPad so I'm upset with him still! :-)

Earlier this year Amy reached out for some Infusionsoft assistance from my team and me and since we run in some of the same circles in SoCal we've been able to meet up for lunch a time or two and it has been great getting to know her. She was also gracious enough to come on The Sales Podcast, Session 11.

It's refreshing to see that people are just as real behind the scenes as they appear on stage.

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Following are some of the highlights of what I've learned from Amy in the last year about Facebook marketing.

  • Embrace the "Follow" function on your profile. It helps you get your personal profile out into the feeds of people that are interested in you without them becoming Friends with you. (You can also limit what Followers vs Friends see so you don't have to worry about stalkers. ~My notes there.)
  • Add a Call To Action on your profile. (Right now I'm promoting The Art Of The Close and you can see the Timeline photo and my Cover photo on my page are the same and drive visitors to sign up. ~My notes.)
  • Leverage the Tabs on your Facebook Page and use action words to name your Tabs.
  • Create a custom Tab for Shopping so people can give you money!
  • Leverage Facebook ads to get existing Fans to your webinars. Her average click is 11 to 16 cents when she shows her ads only to her existing Fans.
  • Run past post ads or "promoted posts." It's an ad from a Page post. To get really slick do a video as a post with an opt-in below it. It's a post and an ad with share buttons below it. This increases engagement and gets you into the news feeds of your Facebook prospects.
  • Drive traffic to a destination page, which is a custom Tab on your page. (Maybe even name it "Free Webinar.")
  • Change your Timeline cover photo to match / promote your upcoming launches.
  • Content - great content - is the name of the game.
  • Email marketing and list building is as important as ever because you don't own Facebook but you own your email list.

The world moves fast today. Surround yourself with experts and friendly people that want to help you and want to do it in an affordable, approachable manner.

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as:

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