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Vanquish The Vortex

The whirlwind and the mission

The vortex and the goal.

The ringing phone and the bigger picture.

Focusing on the former leads to feeling overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed leads to feeling inadequate.

Feeling inadequate leads to giving up the dream.

"Overwhelmed and inadequate" is how a manager with whom I met last week described his feelings after typical training programs delivered by well-meaning readers-of-books that demonstrated their prowess at book reading during the previous 48 hours by giving you even more books and binders to read for yourself, that only end up becoming collectors of dust and of guilt because you never touch them again...

...which leads to more feelings of overwhelmness and inadequaintness.

All of my clients realize several things about business:

  • It's easy to start a business.
  • It's hard to run a business.
  • It's almost impossible to succeed at business.
  • Until you succeed you're the loneliest person on Earth.
  • Even after you succeed only fellow-business owners understand you.
You can only succeed when you develop systems and processes and surround yourself with excellence because...
  • There is a lot to do.
  • You cannot do it all.
  • Others can do it just as good as you if you train them.
  • Your clients are happy with what your staff can do as long as they know it's done under your watchful eye.
  • Your eye remains keen and sharp and fresh and productive when it is not tired and blurred with the tears of exhaustion and frustration that always come when you try to do it all yourself.

"Doing it all" was bad enough before the internet "made our lives simpler." (Your life and business ARE simpler now, right? Really? Hrumph.)

Now we must wrestle and wrangle with a slew of tools and sites and acronyms that we cannot even define let alone leverage - SaaS, CRM, SMS, MMS, PPC, SEM, SEO, CSS, HTML, PHP, JV, ADD, ADHD, OCD, ED, ROFLMAO, RUOK, BFF, WTF?

And wrangle and grapple and run and hide is what we tend to do because we do not want to appear stupid to our peers or the marketplace and we do not / cannot spend a ton of money on some pointy-headed, fast-talking, highfalutin, self-proclaimed guru to waste our time and money confusing us some more.

What you need is a reliable, effective, measurable, repeatable, affordable way to deliver a powerful message in a powerful manner. That's why I created the Business Mastery Consulting program.

It's neither short, fast nor cheap. Click below to see if it's right for you.


You need access to capable, experienced advisors to assist with the development and dissemination of your message. 

By finding this page and reading this far you have raised your hand.

You're acting as though you are ready to grow...

But maybe you're letting your past negative programming block your future. Are you?

More than a few of the TOP PERFORMERS I've mentored and coached since 2006 have were insecure, filled with self-doubt, some felt worthless, their message was falling on deaf ears, and while none were totally financially broke, they were emotionally broken when they started with me.

At some point, they decided to look then move ahead in a different way.  

They moved forward with power and focus.

I look forward to speaking with you in the success call.

If you won't start now, when?

Welcome to the new you,