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How To Make More Sales With Your iPhone (Even When You're At The Pool)

Get More Done and Close More Sales With This iPhone Feature

You don't leave home—heck, you don't leave your desk—without your iPhone.

You're closing deals on it.

You're responding to leads on it.

You're texting, emailing, sending social media marketing messages, and even blogging with your iPhone.

Use the included software feature in your iPhone to be more efficient in working with sales leads and customers by leveraging shortcuts, i.e. "Text Replacement,"  inside your device to expand into phrases, phone numbers, addresses, even entire paragraphs with just a couple of keystrokes.

As an added bonus, once you create this shortcut on any of your Apple devices, they will sync across all of your platforms on the same iCloud account.

So when you make this shortcode on your Desktop it will synchronize to you iMac, iPad, iPod, etc, which will make you more efficient overall. 

You may also want to invest a whopping $3 to $4 per month on this text expander for your Mac.

Sometimes I've had problems with the native text expander on the Mac working in Chrome but the aText app works everywhere. 

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Now go sell something. (That expands from "nowgo," by the way.)