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Master the Science of Selling With Udi Ledergor of Gong.io

Use AI and Machine Learning to Make Every Sale



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Revenue intelligence
  • AI and machine learning for salespeople 
  • CMO for Gong.io
  • Surfaces insights for sales leaders for coaching
  • Win more deals, win bigger deals
  • You need to know what your top salespeople are saying and doing
  • You need to know what the voice of the customer is saying
  • Which competitors are being mentioned?
  • How does that affect win rates?

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  • We now realize that you can have access to the science part of sales
  • Progress cannot be stopped
  • Selling remotely is here to stay
  • The hybrid model is here to stay
  • The smaller deals can't justify traveling to sell
  • We expect a seamless buying experience
  • Salespeople can create rapport, trust, and relationships
  • Salespeople can help prospects navigate the sea of information
  • Salespeople only spend 30% of their time selling
  • Salespeople spend 70% of their time in meetings and updating CRMs
  • This is not scripting
  • It's a distraction to have replies pop up


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  • In complex B2B sales you coach between calls
  • If you want to get better at something, record yourself
  • Have a script to open a cold call
  • Embrace the awkward pause
  • Pause for three seconds after giving the price
  • The patience factor
  • In a complex sale, only show what the prospect needs to see
  • Use Gong to A/B test sales presentations
    • Full deck
    • Short deck
    • No deck
  • Touch Bistro
    • Six weeks into using Gong they had a big discovery
    • Some led with software features
    • Some led with hardware features
    • The software leaders had a much higher win rate
  • Put some science into the art of sales
  • "How are you?" vs. "How have you been?"

Chris Orlob The Sales Podcast 233


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