Leverage The Power of Storytelling, Ty Bennett

Be More Human In Sales With Stories 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Started early studying business
  • Started a business with his brother at 21
  • Loved leading his teams
  • We're all in the people business
  • Your solutions address a struggle
  • Build stories around it
  • The more personal it is, the more powerful it is

Eat This To Sell More

  • The speed of business makes us rush
  • Give quick case studies and stories
  • You need to develop your storytelling skills
  • Keep your personality in business
  • Stories make you human
  • Our mind is wired to remember stories
  • He was struggling as a young entrepreneur and his friend recommended he record every presentation...and it was painful
  • What causes people to engage? Stories.
  • Spoke for free at first and got booked from someone in the audience
  • Companies struggle with differentiation and storytelling is key
  • Turnover and morale is an issue in many companies
  • Leaders need to create great environments
  • Perks help but we can control the relationships we build and the trust we establish
  • People want to know their voices are heard and they are cared about
  • You have to work on yourself and recognize how your leadership style impacts those on your team
  • If you have a crusade understand that taking sides can have its downside
  • Leadership requires effort
  • Pick your style and convey it
  • Leaders should be needed less often as they nurture their people
  • When to apply micro-management leadership
  • Hire for culture and train for skill
  • The hard part is un-learning bad skills and habits
  • Business is long-term so culture matters

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