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How To Accomplish More, Juggle Less With Tricia Sciortino

Raise your level of expectations of everyone

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Work effectively, remotely
  • How to organize, build culture, communicate
  • Those with remote staff are handling the Coronavirus better than many "traditional" companies
  • You don't have to see your people to know they are working
  • "How do I delegate work?"
  • Have high expectations

Eat This To Sell More

Hold yourself accountable to constantly improve."
  • She tells her team to shut down and take time off
  • If you hire adults you trust with a great skillset who are motivated, you get results
  • Work is still measured and output is calculated
  • Burnout is real when you work from home
  • Tricia is an extroverted people-person, High D personality
  • She had her doubts about working from home
  • You do have to retrain your brain
  • Create your in-home schedule
  • Create culture and even fun despite being remote
  • They have a Monday morning team Zoom call
  • You need a new skillset to lead people remotely
  • You need more patience
  • You don't need everything now
  • Get a good webcam so you can see one another
  • See them frequently and schedule it
  • You need to meet them on video calls at least weekly
  • Turn your notifications off
  • Decide how to spend your time so you're not at the mercy of the world
  • They meet in person quarterly
  • Be thorough in your metrics
  • Track your KPIs
  • Be an open and transparent leader

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