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F.I.F. = P.I.P.

on December 07 By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Weekly Whisper Entrepreneur Pearl Harbor
Today Has No Meaning... To most people in America. We have short attention spans, a need for instant gratification, and an entitlement mentality, which, when combined with safe zones and trigger warnings made possible by tenured professors with agendas in our archaic, dysfunctional "education" system, we have become a a nation of softies.
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You Can't Climb a Smooth Mountain

On your journey to achieve your aggressive sales goals—or any goal, for that matter— when you're in your respective
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Toot Your Own Horn Or There Is No Music

on November 24 By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Weekly Whisper
The year: 1991.
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Extra Extra. (The good ol' days of marketing.)

on August 25 By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Weekly Whisper Marketing Plan Walter Cronkite
Daily Newspapers Used to Be the Only Way to Spread Information.
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Why You Need To Look Out the Window To Grow Your Sales

on August 21 By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Weekly Whisper Marketing Sales Inbound Marketing
As A Business Owner You Need To Focus To Grow How crazy is it that airline pilots for Northwest had their heads so deep in their laptops back in October 2009 that they actually flew 150 miles past their airport?! With a pilot, co-pilot, auto-pilot, ground control, three to five flight attendants and a whole lot of passengers who—presumably—know where they're going, how does that type of "head in the clouds" (literally) type of mistake happen? (That's why I don't feel bad keeping my
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