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Deliver Great Prospecting Opening Lines

Lights! Cameras! Action!” On your marks. Get set. BAM!" INCOMING!" Down by four points deep in their own territory with just under two minutes left and no timeouts, we're going to see just how well they prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." And in the red corner—red by their own blood—is the unprepared salesperson who thinks they'll win them over with their charm,  jokes, and expense account!"
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The Best Free Sales Training on the Planet

"Everything on the internet should be free!" Free "growth hacks," free templates, free software, free books, and free sales training seems to be the expectation today. The problem with free is
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Make More Phone Calls to Really Grow Sales. (Really)

"The phone is dead. Long live hiding behind your computer to make sales!" And Other Great Lies of Sales & Marketing Wanna make money online, in your pajamas, while you sleep? Here's all you need to do:
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Book Review: SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath

One of the perks of being online and in the sales and marketing training/consulting world is I get to correspond with other professionals in the same field that are out there helping other sales professionals and entrepreneurs make things happen faster, with less stress, higher margins and more fun. And one of the benefits of moving your website to a new host—I'm now on the HubSpot COS—is rediscovering little gems of posts I made six years ago like this one that I can dust off and re-present to my readers.
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The Salesman Who Closed Every Prospect He Met

Once upon a time there was this salesman... Wait a minute. Do you know the difference between story telling in the North vs. the South? In the North they start their stories with, "Once upon a time..." In the South we start our stories with, "You ain't gonna believe this!" So let's try this again.
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