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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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CRM vs Social Media | Which Is Better For Growing Your Sales?

"If you're not great at email, you have no business doing..."

Back in August 2013, Convince and...

Salesforce vs Keap as a Small Business CRM In 2023

Additional Salesforce vs. Keap Resources:

Make More Phone Calls to Really Grow Sales. (Really)

"The phone is dead. Long live hiding behind your computer to make sales!"

And Other Great Lies of...

Your Salesforce CRM Is Not Your Friend

Yes, professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs need tools like a

How To Choose the Best Email Autoresponder
Prospect: "We don't really do email marketing but we're looking into it. We've seen that we can...
Salesforce vs Keap for Trade Show Marketing

Easily 50-90% of trade show leads are wasted (because 70-90% of salespeople working the booths are...

HubSpot vs. Salesforce CRM

HubSpot vs Salesforce: Target Market

Salesforce Target Market

Sales Force Automation: Friend or Fool?

I was recently asked: 

"How could sales force automation (SFA) affect salesperson productivity,...

Where Does An Keap CRM Implementation Fit?

Who can benefit from a Keap CRM implementation?

Sales Success Takes Preparation, Observation, Concentration & Automation

Our world is filled with mystery and miracles awe...

Salesforce vs. Keap: After The ExactTarget Purchase
(First posted 6/11/13) In June 2013 it was announced that CRM behemoth, Salesforce, purchased...


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