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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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How A Renewed Discovery Made An Average Salesman A Superhero
Tell me if you've heard any of these "anti-selling skills" phrases before:
  • "Selling is a game of...
Self-Confidence: The #1 Enemy Facing Salespeople Today
(Do me a favor: look at the clock on your computer and write down
Your Poor Sales Skills Create Bad Customers!

After you watch this shoot me an email if you don't cringe more than a little because you realize...

The #1 Job of a Sales Manager

When did LSU win their last national championship in football?

As a Sales Professional, You Do Not Sell on Your 'Methods'
Leading With A Detailed Explanation of Your "Proprietary Method" in an effort to land a sale is...
The Salesman Who Closed Every Prospect He Met

Once upon a time there was this salesman...

Wait a minute.

Do you know the difference between story...

The Weekly Whisper: Wimpy Salesmen Should Be Burned At The Stake
Wimpy Salesmen Should Be Burned At The Stake
Put the Screws To Them

There can be only one. (Name the movie and win fabulous gifts, prizes, and untold riches!)

Justin Welsh Shows How To Build Strong Sales Teams Fast

Learn how he went from a 6-year career as a crappy sales rep to sales success!

Sales Tips...

Trust but verify or die

In the Air Force I learned that you can delegate authority but you cannot delegate responsibility. 

Book Review: SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath

One of the perks of being online and in the sales and marketing training/consulting world is I get...


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