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Sales Growth Tip #21: Stop Giving Away Business Proposals

on May 3, 2021 7:15:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Proposals Sales Training Keap Infusionsoft CRM
Here are just a few things I'd rather do than create a proposal: Follow a driver's ed student when I'm late for an appointment. Hear one of my kids at 2 am saying "I think I'm going to be sick." Meet with an IRS agent. Lead another fundraiser at my kids' school. Watch anything with the Kardashians.
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The Four Outcomes From Your Business Proposal (Three Are Bad)

Duffy Daugherty was a great coach for the Michigan State Spartans and lead them to two national championships in the '60's. He was a fan of running the football because Three things can happen when you put a ball in the air—and two of them are bad."
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How To Price Your Services

on Oct 28, 2020 4:30:00 PM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Proposals Negotiation Skills Sales Training
How to price your services according to how much it is valued by your prospects If you have a car detailing service and only charge $5 you’ll get every high school kid in the county lining up for your services…but the owners of Ferraris and Teslas and Rolls Royces won’t let you on their property…even if you are great at what you do.
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How To Negotiate To Make Every Sale

How To Handle Tough Price Negotiations RFPs, RFIs, RFQs can open the door to glorious, profitable opportunities that can make your year—or even your career. They can also open the door to tough negotiations that can wear you out, break you down, and even end your career.
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Strategic Selling Tips: Send Us A Quote

on Oct 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Proposals Strategic Selling Negotiation Skills Sales Training
From the Strategic Selling Tips "oldie but goodie" section: dealing with tire-kickers and quote-seekers. How often do you hear, "Just send us a quote"? Makes you nuts, right? I feel like saying,
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Get Rid of Head Trash and Raise Your Prices

Yes you can and should raise your prices because, believe it or not, your clients want to pay more. Allow me to explain.
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