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Customer Retention Insights For B2B Firms

It's Not How Much You Make But How Much You Keep Customer retention in B2B firms has rightly become one of the top priorities among heads of sales, marketing, and even operations as savvy businesses realize that everyone in the company is in sales and
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How to Blow Up a Webinar!

Here's how to mess up your webinars.
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Are You An Aspirin Or a Vitamin?

A stitch in time may save nine and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...but we live in the nation of Procrasta, which means for every one Boy Scout out there that thinks ahead and performs that one stitch in time there are nine of us who won't.
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Do You Have Experience In My Industry? Well Do You? Hmmmm?

One day I just might—it's a strong maybe—like a solid probably—go deep into a niche.
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Why Is Your Marketing Racing To The Bottom?

How does your offer differ from the competition? "Wes, we're so much better than our competitors...we're more generous...we have a better warranty...we have better service...we're great once we get in front of a prospect...but we're having trouble reaching and getting in front of qualified prospects. Why???" If your online advertising/SEM, SEO, promotional pieces, elevator pitch, opening lines, and your (lack of) inbound marketing is "safe" and "just like the competition," how will your prospects know you are any better or offer any additional value?
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