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Find and Book Paid Speaking Gigs, Grant Baldwin Returns

When to create your keynote presentation to win



Posts about Negotiation Skills

How Bad Do You Want It?

(First posted 2/3/17) When faced with death you do what you have to do to live. Are your sales...

Strategic Selling Tips: Send Us A Quote

From the Strategic Selling Tips "oldie but goodie" section: dealing with tire-kickers and...

Sam Gave No Excuses

Sales Success Stories - No Excuses

Success Takes Daily Effort, But Excuses Last Forever.

Sam's dad...

How To: Overcoming Objections In Sales By Pre-Framing

How To Control Every Sales Conversation

Today (first written Oct 26, 2019), I had a coaching call...

The Four Outcomes From Your Business Proposal (Three Are Bad)

Duffy Daugherty was a great coach for the Michigan State Spartans and lead them to two national...

Rejection Therapy: How To Handle Rejection In Sales

Selling is hard.Growing a business is hard.Getting a

How To Deliver Great Prospecting Opening Lines To Grow Your Sales
Lights! Cameras! Action!”
On your marks. Get set. BAM!"
Down by four points deep...
How To Handle 'I Want To Think It Over'

The best way to handle any objection—especially the 

When Is It OK to Lie to a Salesperson?

What prospects say about salespeople:

You know how you can tell
Handle Holiday Objections Like a Sales Pro

(Inspired by Jeffrey Gitomer.)

"Call me after the New Year." AHHHHHHH!

Whether you're a...

How To Leave Voicemail | Make Easy Sales Over The Phone

Have Fun With Voicemail

Leaving professional voicemail can make you more money.

And when you take...

Stand your ground on pricing to do your best work

Services Are Not Widgets

The quality of services you receive—and give—are not the same when you...


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