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Navy SEAL (2)

Former Navy SEAL Dan O'Shea discusses goal setting on The Sales Podcast with Wes Schaeffer.
Goal Setting With Navy SEAL Dan O'Shea

Sales Tips you'll learn in this episode of The Sales Podcast...

  • How "leadership from behind" is not the way to grow your business
  • The importance of addressing problems as they arise
  • "Only the dead have seen the end of war." Plato
  • The importance of integrity
  • Why you need to get your hands dirty
  • Why you need to just suck it up
  • Which is more important: education or experience
  • The role of competition to sharpen your skills
  • The importance of having a higher purpose and a bigger mission
  • How to reduce employee churn in your organization
  • The role of hard work and hard play
  • The role of trust when it comes to growth

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