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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Infusionsoft: Part 2

I paid $35,000 + $15,000 a year for Microsoft Dynamics CRM...it's too complex. Please show me Infusionsoft." When I did my first review of Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Infusionsoft it wasn't pretty for the gang from Redwood.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Infusionsoft

BAM! "Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What tha...? Just say nooooooooo!!!!!"   That's exactly how I felt two days ago when a prospect told me he was starting a 30-day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Infusionsoft . And I literally emailed him and said "Just say no!" Like all things Microsoft,
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Never Compromise On Quality

You Should Be "Reassuringly Expensive" Between December 1999 to December 2004 I lived near Dell in Round Rock, TX so I became a Dell fan and follower.
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