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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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Do You Have Ideas or Just Stinky Opinions?

Years ago my dad taught me that your feelings are your feelings and are never wrong or bad.


The Fit Will Hit The Shan. How Will You Handle It?

Every morning I'm up between 4:40 and 5:15 am. 

Why You Need To Major In The Minors

In today's day and age of vision boards, manifesting, and breathing through your eyelids I think...

Quote, Hope, and Harass

First of all, stop doing proposals. At least stop doing them the way you've been doing them. You...


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Can You Complete This Free Program?

Tough guys, self-proclaimed goo-roos, and carnival barkers start with a disclaimer as a "pattern interrupt,"

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