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Find and Book Paid Speaking Gigs, Grant Baldwin Returns

When to create your keynote presentation to win



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20,000 Reasons Why You Should NOT Hire a Keap CRM Consultant

There's a Hypster Born Every Minute, Save Me, Lord!

Yesterday (first posted in 2016) I ran across a...

Sales Growth Tip #21: Stop Giving Away Business Proposals

Here are just a few things I'd rather do than create a proposal:

  • Follow a driver's ed student when...
How To Send a Keap CRM Email Broadcast In 6 Simple Steps
But Wes, It's HARD to send an email inside Keap!"
Spend Two Days With Your Keap CRM Consultant To Really Grow

Dan Kennedy told us in a small group training to "embrace complexity."

This flies in the face of...

Do Inbound Marketing Right With Keap's WordPress Web Form Plugin

Way back in the day—ICON 17, to be precise—Keap launched a brand-spanking-new plugin called...

HubSpot vs. Keap: The Best Marketing Automation In 2023?

HubSpot vs. Keap Is Really Apples & Oranges...

When I first wrote this comparison, I said it felt...

Keap Tutorials: Getting Started With Keap Documentation

Getting Started With Keap: Documenting Your Sales & Marketing Processes

People that tell me "Keap...

Create If/Then Conditional Statements With Keap CRM

Send Relevant Content To Your Prospects With Keap CRM/Infusionsoft Decision Diamonds


How Successful Entrepreneurs Do Sales and Marketing Automation

How To Automate Your Sales and Marketing

Automating my sales and marketing processes—including my...

Your Salesforce CRM Is Not Your Friend

Yes, professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs need tools like a

How To Make More Sales With Keap CRM Web Forms

One of the first steps we take with new clients in your Keap Kickstart is to


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