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If You Wanna Sell, Stories You Must Tell | How To Tell A Story

on Oct 1, 2019 2:41:00 PM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Veteran Jesus Mustard Seed Storytelling Entrepreneur
Be interesting to keep your prospects from sleeping like babies. "Sleeping Prospects Do Not Buy!" How To Be More Interesting In Your Prospecting and Selling Endeavors Ever heard the story of having the faith of a 1 mm diameter Brassica juncea? Me neither.
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The Best Persuasive Techniques Include Leading With This

on Sep 17, 2019 9:15:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Jesus Persuasion Digital Marketing Sales Training
(Hint: You've been taught—and taught by—the most persuasive techniques since you were a baby.) The Real Difference Between The North and The South In the North they start their stories with "Once upon a time." In the South we start our stories with "Now y'all ain't gonna believe this." Zig Ziglar would say this about gossip: I can't tell you anything else about them. I've already told you more than I know." Now you might be thinking the best persuasion technique is
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Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.
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Get a better problem

on Nov 2, 2018 11:00:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Servant Jesus Sales Training Keap Infusionsoft CRM Entrepreneur
Your problem in business is that you need to find a better—or worse, i.e. bigger/more widespread—problem. Zig Ziglar was famous for the line
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The Four Things You Must Do To Succeed In Sales. #4 Is Not So Obvious.

on Feb 25, 2017 2:58:00 PM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Business Coaching Jesus Storytelling Sales Training
You've heard that to win in sales people must Know, like and trust you. One. Two. Three. Bing. Bang. Boom. Each of
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You have to fail to succeed

on Aug 25, 2016 5:00:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Business Coaching Jesus Overcome Adversity Goal Setting
The game Angry Birds has held at least 10 Guinness World Records.
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