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Self-Confidence: The #1 Enemy Facing Salespeople Today

on Apr 26, 2021 6:00:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Jeffrey Gitomer Sun Tzu Sales Manager Training Sales Training
(Do me a favor: look at the clock on your computer and write down
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Create Your Personal Commercial (Jeffrey Gitomer)

on Oct 27, 2020 4:05:00 PM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Jeffrey Gitomer Elevator Pitch Personal Branding
Ever Heard of President Ted Kennedy? The reason you've never heard of President Ted Kennedy is because Ted Kennedy was never President. The reason he was never President can be seen in his inability to articulate his own personal commercial, as can be seen 
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Jeffrey Gitomer On How To Make First Calls Not Cold Calls

on Jun 29, 2017 4:00:00 AM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Jeffrey Gitomer The Sales Podcast Marketing Automation Entrepreneur
Humanize and be yourself to maximize your promotions Stream below or right-click here to download the episode.      Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast... Some salespeople may be dead  Stockbrokers have changed The MLS hasn't changed but it will...Google is coming after them The car industry is being
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Sales Superhero Secret Number One | Eat Dessert First

Sales Superhero Secret Number One The great sales trainers and business consultants know this and have given it their own name such as:
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Silly Shakespeare Sparks Sales Success

on May 2, 2011 11:18:45 PM By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Copywriting Jeffrey Gitomer Sense of humor Influencer Marketing
Silly Shakespeare Sparks Guess where William Shakespeare, the "greatest writer of the English language," focused most of his writing energy?
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