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How an $800 "savings" cost you $21,418.99

So Short-Sighted Entrepreneur (SSE) hits me up online"Hey, I know you from our marketing group. I bought Infusionsoft and need some help." Me: "Oh, really? When did you buy Infusionsoft?"
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Can You Have It All?

on June 28 By | Wes Schaeffer | 0 Comments | Faith God Marketing Help Inbound Selling
What Does It Mean To "Have It All?" When you hear one of the up-and-coming, in-your-face goo-roos—or are they "thought leaders" now?—telling you that... "YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!"... Nod slowly...then take a moment to look a little deeper into that goo-roo's life and find out what they consider "all" to be. In the majority of cases you'll be surprised at what you find.
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Words Mean Things. Speak Clearly To Be Understood.

Words Mean Things. Speak Clearly To Be Understood. Your high school English teacher was correct:
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Why Funny Salespeople Never Make The Sale

There's a difference between making your prospect laugh and being funny. Being in control of your environment with situtional awareness and making people laugh during an opportune moment is a passive state on your part and is fine.
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The Bible Tells You How to get More Twitter Followers

The Bible Tells You How to Get More Twitter Followers
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