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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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How To Choose the Best CRM For Your E-Commerce Store

Without fail I am pitched daily by people wanting me to

Refer HubSpot or Keap CRM

Earn $500 or More For Referring HubSpot or Keap Customers Who Buy

Earn $500 for any client you...
Small Business CRM Implementation Lies, Myths, and Tall Tales

CRM Implementation Struggles

63% of small businesses buy CRMs and marketing automation software for...

HubSpot vs. WordPress: Who Has The Best Blogging Platform?

Which CMS is best? HubSpot vs. WordPress

(First written April 17, 2020) What is a blog? Is it a...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Keap CRM


"Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What tha...? Just say nooooooooo!!!!!"

(First written Feb 24,...
HubSpot vs. Keap: The Best Marketing Automation In 2023?

HubSpot vs. Keap Is Really Apples & Oranges...

When I first wrote this comparison, I said it felt...

HubSpot vs. Salesforce CRM

HubSpot vs Salesforce: Target Market

Salesforce Target Market

Grow Sales With HubSpot's Sales Sequences Tool

HubSpot Sales Sequences For Gmail

Use this feature to add your contacts and clients into a...

Is HubSpot a Threat to Salesforce

For sure HubSpot is a threat to Salesforce.

Send Custom HubSpot Emails To Contacts Who Open, Click, or Skip

Timely, targeted, relevant communication is the name of the game in sales today.


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Tough guys, self-proclaimed goo-roos, and carnival barkers start with a disclaimer as a "pattern interrupt,"

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