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Master inbound marketing with the Infusionsoft Wordpress Web Form Plugin.
Inbound Marketing With Infusionsoft's Wordpress Web Form Plugin

Way back in the day—ICON 17, to be precise—Infusionsoft launched a brand-spanking-new plugin called Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms.

This simple tool helps you install beautiful Infusionsoft web forms on your WordPress site without having to write, copy, or paste a single line of code!

Can I get an Amen?

So how do you get this up and running quickly?

It should take you less than 10 minutes.

If you've already set up this plugin and just want a refresher on creating the web forms, skip to Step 3.


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Step 1: Install the plugin.

In your site's WP admin area, find the Plugins menu in the sidebar.

Hover over it and select Add New from the menu that appears.

Finally, in the search bar on the Add Plugins page, enter "Infusionsoft Official" to search for the plugin. You should see results like the screenshot below, and Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms is the one we're looking for.

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How to customize Infusionsoft's Shopping Cart 'Review Order' button

One time back in the day, a fellow Infusionsoft Certified Partner asked a great question.

When her client's customers are visiting the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart the button they must click to begin the checkout process is labeled "Review Order."

However, what this partner noticed was that some customers are confused by this language, so she asked how she could customize it to something a bit more obvious, such as "Proceed to Checkout."

Thankfully, Infusionsoft includes jQuery in their shopping cart by default, so with a

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How to specify a page's featured image in Hubspot COS

When building website and landing pages in Hubspot COS, it's important to pay attention to how that page will preview when sharing on social media.

SIDEBAR: When publishing blog posts the HubSpot COS handles this by default so this post is going to get a little "geeky" but it will help you make that great first impression so stick with me, okay?

If your page includes multiple images, you can't always count on someone clicking the little arrows to choose the best image when sharing your page (because chances are that they won't!)

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