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God's Wisdom

The Meaning of Easter In Your Faith Journey

Why Is The Fear of God In Our DNA?

Throughout history we see...

  • Cavemen feared the thunder.
  • The Romans had Juno, Jupiter, and Mars
  • The Greeks had Hera, Zeus, and Ares.
  • The Vikings had Odin and Thor (cool action figure, BTW) and worshipped their ancestors.
  • The Incas had Illapa, the Weather God (my favorite, but I'm a biased Air Force meteorologist), and believed in Inti, the Sun god.
  • The Yorùbá of Africa have Ọlọ́run, the supreme creator diety as well as gods of the air, volcanoes, rivers and war.
  • The Aborigines have the Wandjina spirits.
  • Hindus have Viraj and Purusha.
  • The Inuit have Igaluk, god of the moon, Nanook, master of bears, and Sedna, sea Goddess and ruler of the underworld.
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