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Because Jitsu, Drew Weatherhead, on 'Consciousness, Reality & Purpose'

Let's discuss the COVID elephant in the room




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Plugins For Your WordPress Website To Increase Traffic

[Originally published on 8/1/09 then updated 9/30/15, 10/29/16, and 2/14/23.]

From late 2008 to...

HubSpot vs. WordPress: Who Has The Best Blogging Platform?

Which CMS is best? HubSpot vs. WordPress

(First written April 17, 2020) What is a blog? Is it a...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Keap CRM


"Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What tha...? Just say nooooooooo!!!!!"

(First written Feb 24,...
Make Money in Las Vegas, Guaranteed!

Automate. Integrate. Dominate. So you can Celebrate.

(First posted 8/30/09) You can make money in...

Keap CRM Tips: Getting Double Opt-in Email Confirmations

Back in the day (2008 and 2009), ALL of my prospects had to double opt in to my Keap email platform...

Infusionsoft Sucks AND Keap Sucks? Dang!

Here's a little background so you'll understand where I'm coming from when I address the statement...

Do White-Hat SEO With Kyle Roof

Create inbound leads with good SEO



So You Found Me On Twitter

Who Says Social Media Doesn't Work?

Howdy, fellow Twitter Person.

Since you are reading this page,...

The Four Outcomes From Your Business Proposal (Three Are Bad)

Duffy Daugherty was a great coach for the Michigan State Spartans and lead them to two national...

7 Reasons Social Media Marketing GooRoos Are Broke

Social Media Marketing Today: Who is actually making money with it?

Nine years after I originally...


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