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David Neagle Was Sucked Through a Dam at 23...Now He Lives To Help You Live

After a near-death experience, David Neagle began living, and will help you as well. Sales Tips you'll learn in this episode of The Sales Podcast... The importance of having a great mentor How to find a great mentor The key to why we all have so much "head trash," and how to overcome it How to break the pattern of mediocrity and low self esteem How to discover what is covering up your desire to win Where all entrepreneurs must start if they are to grow in business How to find your urgency because there will be a last moment for everything in our lives The role of "hurt and rescue" in sales How to uncover the true problems that need your attention The only way to break through if you have settled
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Great marketing makes sales easy. Great selling makes great marketing possible. Great technology delivering great marketing and sales makes you rich. The World of The Whisperer is a community of doers, of action takers, of those who walk their talk. I'm thrilled that you are here. ~Wes Schaeffer

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