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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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The (Success) Clues Are Everywhere

It's Saturday, and my wife has been out shopping and left me home to babysit.

Is Your Life Coach Bankrupt, Divorced, and Still Living With His Mom?

When I turned 23, my dad got me golf lessons. (I'm still wondering if

Be Confident Like the Stupid Ones To Win at Sales

The Dumb Ones Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The biggest problem in business is that smart,...

The Silver Bullet For Growing Your Business in 2022

There is a silver bullet for growing your business in 2022.It's a big bullet.It's a slow bullet....

These Limiting Beliefs Are Hurting Your Sales?

Your Incorrect Beliefs Are What Are Keeping You From Your Sales Goals

You can be handed the keys to...

What Will You Do This Year For Extreme Sales Growth?
Are you prepared to create inbound sales in 2023?

2023 Is The Year of Inbound Sales


Stand your ground on pricing to do your best work

Services Are Not Widgets

The quality of services you receive—and give—are not the same when you...

To Make An Impression, Be a Humble Servant

Humility in Leadership

Updated 10/24/2020

I'm writing this on Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday,...

Do You REALLY Want To Create a Legacy?
When I read Seth Godin's post on the passing of
Mexican Food or Sushi? But I Have No Experience In Your Industry...

A client of mine once said,

I'm tired of just taking up air. And it's foul air."

Another said,

Do You Have Ideas or Just Stinky Opinions?

Years ago my dad taught me that your feelings are your feelings and are never wrong or bad.


Do You Have Experience In My Industry? Well Do You? Hmmmm?

One day I just might—it's a strong maybe—as in, like, a solid probably—go deep into a niche.


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