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Brand Yourself Affordably and Reliably, Laura Busche

With her PhD in Consumer Psychology nearly complete you want to hear what she says about how to build a brand.

Stream below or right click here to download the episode. 

Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • How marketing and design are inter-related and how to use that information to make more inbound sales
  • Whether or not branding and productization are mutually-exclusive
  • How to leverage smart branding across more channels to enhance your inbound marketing
  • How to "rock" a trade show with your brand
  • What role your ego plays in sales, marketing, and branding
  • Where you should focus as you build your brand and your sales
  • How to leverage your early adopters to accelerate your growth
  • Whether or not you should outsource your branding and marketing
  • How to handle the limited vision of others
  • What an "explainer video" is and how to use it to grow your inbound sales
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