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GreenRope vs. Keap CRM

In my continuing quest to help business owners make the right decision when it...


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How To Launch Your New Business (The Marketing Tips Nobody Told You)

It Takes 3x More Wood (Marketing) To Build a Fire (Business) That Lasts

A question from The...

How To Use Twitter To Stay In The Know

I'm a fan of Twitter if, for no other reason, it's a great way to get news fast. (That's me at...

The ABCs of Sales and Marketing Automation Step One: Attract

(First posted 3/5/14) Let me get your opinion on a couple of people:

  • Rush Limbaugh (In 2023 how...
Why Is Your Marketing Racing To The Bottom?

How does your offer differ from the competition?

"Wes, we're so much better than our...

But My Business Is Different

Allow me to share two stories to illustrate why you and your business are not, indeed, different,...

Look Out the Window To Dream Big and Grow Sales

As A Business Owner You Need To Focus To Grow

How crazy is it that airline pilots for Northwest had...

Create Inbound Sales With These Twitter For Business Tips
My new client wasn't using Twitter for business because she just didn’t “get it”.
Market Like You Mean It To Create Inbound Sales

If you were arrested for being in sales and marketing, would there be enough

Do You Have Experience In My Industry? Well Do You? Hmmmm?

One day I just might—it's a strong maybe—as in, like, a solid probably—go deep into a niche.

Need to make your marketing magnetic? Start Seussing.

Dr. Seuss wasn't a doctor.

But that didn't stop him from publishing 46 books, translated into 21...

Ad Speak & Sales Lingo Is Killing Your Sales & Your Soul

You need to hear this straight talk from George Carlin to understand how your slick sales...

What My Mother Taught Me About Life

What My Mother Taught Me

  1. My mother taught me RELIGION.“You’d better pray that will come out of the...


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