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Learn The Anti-Hustle Way To Create Leads Online, Tom Poland

You can do affordable, effective online lead generation without the hustle and grind  

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Plenty of ways to do things wrong when you're generating leads
  • The #1 sin of business development is not marketing
  • There is a lot of fear around marketing
  • Business owners have a lot of misinformation
  • We all wake up and we do what we want to do. Sometimes we do what we should do.
  • The marketing model you follow must be easy to follow
  • Stop these crazy funnels and trip wires
  • The model is simple and aligns
  • There are tricks but no traps
  • Generate inbound leads

Your Best Day Ever

  • Have a simple KPI
    • Host an online meeting weekly
    • Share how you work with your clients
    • Not training
    • Nothing to buy
    • Keep your credit card at home
    • Offer a real value proposition
  • The sequence
    • Why you should listen to me...
      • Three testimonials
      • Proof
    • Show them what they've tried and didn't work
    • Tell people what to do and how to do it
    • Remove their obstacles
    • Do it in 35 minutes
    • Smart ones with money will schedule a time to talk
    • Direct those without money to the valuable free stuff
    • No replays
    • "Boardroom Briefing"—webcam is on
    • Pays a series of VAs to copy and paste and network over LinkedIn
    • Email subscribers want 
    • Connect and invite via LinkedIn with contractors (Bangladesh)

Join The Private Sales Group

  • Be honest, direct, and smart about it
  • Stop saying "trust me" but you need to start trusting your prospects first
    • He offers free consulting for a month and asks them to pay only if they find value
  • He doesn't want to do masterminds so he doesn't lead them
  • He has just two programs
    • $300/mo
    • $1,500/mo
    • $25,000/mo (is rare)
  • Everyone starts with a consultation
  • Demonstrate care and concern after you take their money
  • Be Henry Ford and break the process down into a series of tiny steps
  • Everyone gets his mobile number but they'll probably never need it
  • Ping me if you feel ignored
  • Niche so you can focus and apply a template
  • Sit down and think about what marketing they want to do so you'll do it consistently
  • The enemy of a great strategy is a good idea
  • Marketing is not just about finding your ideal clients. It's about finding people who have your ideal clients. Rapport, Respect, Relatability, Reciprocity.

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